The Coffee Enema Mini Course - Webinar

Friday, September 1, 6pm CET, 12pm EST, 9am PST

Draining and Binding

This course covers the fundamentals of the concepts of draining and binding which are foundational to health and recovery from chronic illness.

This course is a series of 4 videos explaining draining and binding in the various organ systems as well as gives an explanation for why draining and binding is so important even for those with good health.

I recommend this series as a starting place to anyone beginning their health journey or stuck in the process and not knowing what is missing in their programs with their functional practitioners.

Beginners Functional Neurology

Functional neurology is the process of rewiring the brain. It is essentially physical therapy for the brain. Often in chronic illness, the connection between the brain and body is disrupted and this helps to reconnect with what was lost.

What does it involve? A series of repetitive movements and techniques such as eye movement patterns, speaking/writing, deep breathing, balance work, depth perception, and managing emotions when they come up.

These videos are from a live 3 day workshop presented by Lisa. You will have lifetime access to the 3 beginners functional neurology sessions so you can watch them in your own time and review them later if desired.

Mini Brain Retraining Course

Learn the fundamentals of brain retraining for neurological health.
Also learn the basics of somatic experiencing, functional neurology and vagal nerve toning exercises.

This will jump start your journey into a more regulated nervous system.
Tons of commentary and suggestions for doing these techniques for chronic illness sufferers from someone who has been there!

Emotional Regulation Course

Do you find yourself feeling depressed, anxious or flying off the handle and you don’t even realize it’s happening?  Or, even if you do realize it, you are powerless to break the cycle?  This mini course teaches you the basics of identifying emotions and processing them in a healthy way so that joy and stability can be your new norm.  Chronic illness is very dysregulating to the system and this course will support you on your journey to becoming more aware of your body’s cues so that you can lead a more mindful life. 

Real deal Mini nutrition Course

This mini course presented by Alex will be a REAL look into what is actually important when it comes to nutrition. She will discuss

  • All the pitfalls of the fad diets ie keto, carnivore, vegan, etc.
  • How digestive function plays a role in the diet that you will need.
  • Antinutrients…should you care?
  • Focusing on root cause for dietary intolerances and not just eliminating foods forever.
  • How to take a well rounded approach to your nutritional plan that focuses not only on macronutrients but also micronutrients to fully stabilize and support the body through treatment.

The Foundations of Health Mini Course

The foundations of health are the building blocks to any detoxification protocol. Without the foundations, no protocol will be sufficient to create a healthy body and mind. This mini course is where all practitioners and patients should start in order to regain health and wellness.

The Nutrient Density Mini Course

Nutrient Density, Use of Cronometer and Cell Membrane Health. 

Part 1:
Nutrient dense eating and how to achieve it. Most nutrient dense foods you can eat. Macro and micronutrient optimal intake. Calculating macros and micros. The use of Cronometer for tracking. Easy ways to prep for nutirnet dense meals.

Part 2:
Understanding the cell membrane. Essential nutrients for cell membrane health. Utilizing proper fats and oils. Enhancing nutrient absorption and cellular health. The healing power of paleo/autoimmune diets.

The Coffee Enema Mini Course

This coffee enema mini will answer all questions you have about how to start doing coffee enemas. It will include info from beginners to advanced so all are welcome to join!