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Healthy Families, Healthy homes Course with Lauren and Lisa

This is a never done before 10 MONTH course designed to help you create a healthy home and a healthy family!

This course is limited to those that have taken the beginners functional neurology course and would like to dive deeper into your learning and healing. This course will include 2 (~1 hour) sessions plus an individual 20-30 minute 1:1 session with Lisa to help you develop your own personal functional neurology practice based on your own personal circumstances.
The recordings of the session will be emailed out after the session ends so you will have access to them for life! This makes it so that if you are unable to attend live, you can still participate in the workshop!

Topics Include:

  • Cold and flu for adults and pediatrics
  • Nutrition for the whole family
  • Mini mold course- common household blunders
  • Mini EMF Course- how to measure and protect your family
  • Water and AIr quality in the home
  • Products for the home and swaps to make slowly
  • Stress management for the entire family
  • Tick and bug bite tool kit with action steps
  • Sleep hygiene for kids and adults

What’s Included?

  • MONTHLY ~45 minutes to 1 hour webinar on each topic from 11-12pm EST/8-9am PST the last Friday of every month.
  • Recordings are sent out immediately after for those that can’t make it live
  • PRIVATE Telegram group where we will post tidbits and you can communicate with the group with questions for the entire 10 MONTHS!
  • Loads of handouts for quick reference
  • Specific product recommendations so no more guessing!

Schedule of Events

  • August 27- Tick and Bug Bite Toolbox (Lauren)
  • September 24- Colds and flus for pediatrics (Lisa)
  • October 29- Colds and flus for adults (Lauren)
  • December 3- Sleep for kids and adults (Lisa)
  • January 28- Stress management for the whole family (Lisa)
  • February 25- Mini Mold Masterclass (Lauren)
  • March 25- Nutrition for the whole family (Lisa)
  • April 29- Mini EMF masterclass (Lauren)
  • May 27- Products for the home and simple swaps (Lisa)
  • June 24 (Water and Air Quality in the home (Lauren)


  • 3 Payment Options for all Situations/Budgets!
  • $1150 pay in full (discounted $50) with credit card or paypal
  • $400 per month x 3 months ($1200 total) automatically withdrawn from credit card for the first 3 months. 
  • $120 per month x 10 months ($1200 total) automatically withdrawn from credit card each month for 10 months.