Get back to health today!

Your illness is real – Your experience is valid – There is help available

Life is a messy, difficult process of pain, growth and love

My journey was similar to many of you…experiencing the physical and emotional effects of a toxic world. ​ This clinic is a labor of love and after I regained my health my dream was to help others do the same. I’m thrilled to walk this journey with you.

You are a unique human with unique needs

The mind body connection is vital

I fought against this one for years…. “there’s no way that my mind plays any role in this disease,” I told myself. 

Health is more than nutrition

Nutrition is very important and foundational but it is not everything.

Your body wants to heal

Your body has an amazing capacity to heal and above all else has the DESIRE to heal as well.

Support is necessary

When we work together, I will be more than a provider… I will be a friend.


Frequently asked questions

I truly believe that to start to heal and prepare for your healing journey requires time and patience.  I get that everyone wants to just get better….I REALLY get it.  TRUST ME.  I wanted to fast track EVERYTHING at the beginning.  I wanted to see one provider that did EVERYTHING.  And, unfortunately, that doesn’t exist.  It doesn’t exist because the body is COMPLEX and is even more complex when you have chronic illness.  I truly believe that consistent visits are good for the body, mind and spirit as you are beginning your healing journey. Consistent support is KEY when dealing with a chronic illness or when attempting lifestyle changes.  And given the nature of how overwhelming chronic illness and lifestyle changes can be, I can’t offer anything less than the best for you and what I wished I had at the beginning of my treatment.  ​I do offer one time consults for those that just want to determine if the membership is a good fit and to start a treatment plan, but encourage the membership plan so we can move through detox together!

Haha, I get that it is a bit of a weird name.  But isn’t it so cute too?!  Doesn’t it just make you want to smile?  The deeper meaning behind the name is that most carrots are orange, right?  When you think of carrots you think orange, but WE are the purple ones.  The more rare, but more beautifully colored carrots.  We (the chronic illness warriors) are different, but more magical and unique in a lot of ways. Our purpleness (our illness journey) is our magic….you might not see it now, but you will in time 🙂

I started this business because I want YOU to avoid feelings of hopelessness, isolation, & fear. I want you to feel prepared for your healing journey before you start any treatment protocol. After seeing many healthcare providers, I realized that there are foundations to health that EVERY medical provider utilizes.  Some examples are gut health, nutrition, detoxification, energetic healing, mental health, spiritual health, plus many more.  We want to maximum on these before we start any killing regimen.

Together, we create a healing plan.  We first start with building the bodies immunity, opening the drainage pathways, repairing the gut, starting detoxification and THEN we go into the killing phase.  The foundation is KEY before you start killing anything.  I don’t want you to suffer through herxheimer reactions that last for weeks and months.  I want you to learn to read your own body so we can move through the biophotonic scan results and other lab testing results and get every system of your body functioning as close to 100% as possible.  

In terms of the technical nature of visits, all visits are done via Zoom (video conferencing).  Each session is either one hour or 30 minutes depending on whether it is your initial consult or a follow up. 


Two Purple Carrots

Lauren has been such a treasure throughout my healing journey! After hitting a wall and no longer making progress while working with functional medicine doctors, I began working with Lauren. She quickly determined the next best steps for me to continue peeling back the layers to reach full healing. Lauren’s vast medical knowledge, experience in root cause healing, and her ability to tailor a plan that’s perfect for each individual is truly a gift. I am thankful to have found an incredible practitioner!
Bri A.
I have worked with Lauren for a year and a half and she has been so influential in my life. She is so incredibly smart and what I love the most is that she has been through it all with her own health and shows a ton of compassion during the healing process. I not only have come so far in my healing due to her, but also feel that I have gained a friend. She is always a step ahead of anyone else I've worked with in the chronic illness world because she is always so up to date on the latest research. My life will be forever changed by working with her.
- J.A

E-learning courses for health!

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